Your Preppy Bridesmaid Dresses

You are a bride who loves the classics? Then you will have fun planning a wedding with preppy details. From the bouquets to the attire, everything should proclaim your personal style. Here are some ideas for the most perfect preppy bridesmaid dresses.

bridesmaid dresses

One thing that all preppy brides have in common is their love for clean lines and classic silhouettes. For your girls' attires, this translates to simple A-line dresses, which are often strapless. Depending on the formality and location of the wedding, any length from just above the knee to tea length to floor length could work. It's undoubted that only natural fibers are an option!

If your wedding is a bit dressier, you may prefer to choose gowns that are not so boldly patterned. The first color that springs to mind for preppy dresses is pink, perhaps with a lime green accent. A strapless dress that hits just below the knee would look wonderful in a pink silk or silk organza. Add to the appeal with a cheerful sash at the waist in lime green for a little more flair. White pearls would be timeless and pretty. A tin cup necklace style would be perfect for the simplicity of this type of bridesmaid dress.

bridesmaid dresses

You see most preppy brides and grooms love the water. If your wedding is going to be held at a yacht club or oceanside, think about navy blue gown. The crisp combination of navy blue and white always looks fresh for a nautical wedding. Navy faille dresses would be marvelous, especially accented with a bit of white piping around the neckline and at the waist. Strapless is always nice, but another neckline that would work very well is a slightly squared scoopneck. And the train is long or shorter just depending on the time of day and the formality of event.

Selecting a preppy bridesmaid dress is actually fairly easy, as the styles you look for will be timeless and readily available. Just suit your themed wedding!


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